$50 – Milk & Eggs to 10 families for a week


$100 – Micro-Financing costs for 10 loans


$250 – English Class to 10 Care Center friends


$500 – Vehicle Services to 10 households


$1,000 – Fruits & Vegetables for 10 weeks


$2,000 – Mobile Pantry to 10 families for 8 stops


$5,000 – Groceries for a Year for 10 families


Inflation Hits Hard


Low-income households are more vulnerable to the effects of inflation. Care Center friends are finding that increases for housing, food, and fuel take a bigger percentage of their budget.


On average, Care Center friends need to find an additional $433.69 each month to make ends meet compared to one year ago.

Matching Donation!

All Gifts up to $170,000 will be matched dollar-for-dollar, thanks to a challenge issued by a group of donors who believe in the work of the Grace Care Center!