Are you a monthly donor? 



Take a look at why recurring donors are critical to Sustainable Care and the Grace Care Center in this brief message from Executive Director, Brian Boone. 

Resourcing the Grace Care Center Starts With You!


Inflation Hits Hard


Low-income households are more vulnerable to the effects of inflation. Care Center friends are finding that increases for housing, food, and fuel take a bigger percentage of their budget.


On average, Care Center friends need to find an additional $433.69 each month to make ends meet compared to one year ago.

Where your money goes.


$50 – Milk & Eggs to 10 families for a week


$100 – Micro-Financing costs for 10 loans


$250 – English Class to 10 Care Center friends


$500 – Vehicle Services to 10 households


$1,000 – Fruits & Vegetables for 10 weeks


$2,000 – Mobile Pantry to 10 families for 8 stops


$5,000 – Groceries for a Year for 10 families