The Foundation for Sustainable Care History

The GCC Foundation was formed in 2016 as a creative way to raise funds to expand the Grace Care Center. Grace Church, which houses the Grace Care Center, launched a capital campaign in 2015 to fund a number of projects, including expanding the Grace Care Center. When the capital campaign fell short of its goals, the Care Center expansion was scrapped. A new dream emerged: to rally the community to support the Grace Care Center. Grace Church gave its blessing and the GCC Foundation was born to tell the story of the Grace Care Center and to facilitate people financially supporting the work of the Center.

Since 2016, the Foundation has been able to raise the full funding for the Grace Care Center expansion with the grand opening in January, 2020. The Foundation has also funded the latest expansion project, a new Mobile Food Pantry that will launch in May, 2022. In addition, the Foundation has granted nearly $2 million for operating costs of the Care Center over the last four years. Over the course of our first five years, the Foundation has received more than 10,000 individual donations from people, businesses, churches, and other foundations. The message the Foundation tries to convey is that every donor matters, and we are just as concerned about the transformation of our donor’s lives as we are of the friends who are served by the Grace Care Center. Eventually, we would like to resource multiple communities that facilitate life-change through dignifying, holistic practical care.