Walking through the doors of Grace Care Center was taking a huge leap of faith for me. All my life I have found it difficult to ask for help, especially when I prided myself on being the helper! My faith led me here, but my heart was still racing with worry, doubt, and frustration. If I just kept going only in the pantry I wouldn’t have to develop close personal relationships and let people help me and my family. Joining the co-op was my next step of faith. Coming face to face with a community that is supportive, informative, educational, and so loving makes it easy to come week after week!

When Krista approached me concerning the workshop my mind filled with every excuse why I couldn’t do it. I went to the Lord and my heart started filling with more positive reasons and less worry. The first class and chapter flooded new emotions and great questions within me. I avoided many of these questions because I truly felt lost on my “why” for my life.

The small class made it less embarrassing to open up about our intentions (or lack there of), our awareness of ourselves, and to take a good look in the mirror! As the class continued my life outside was hectic; two full custody battles, my husband was in a bad accident and resigned from his position in South Bend. Instead of my crazy hamster wheel of worry, doubt, and frustration I turned toward the tools and the class with a positive spirit. The class became a safe place to unveil our inner feelings about ourselves. Helping one another to discover our “why”! My classmate Stephen told me how blessed I am to know my passion. Due to my disability I thought this passion was a hindrance more than a blessing. My questions of how to find my new “why” and how were not as scary and frustrating. I am becoming more and more thankful for my abilities and learning the tools to grow in my passion!

Each class and chapter are great stepping stones to succeed in personal growth! Understanding the process of invaluable growth is a life changer! Amy is a true mentor in this! Without Amy and the class I do not believe the book would have as much impact on me and the understanding of my personal growth! And we are just beginning!

The Lord calls us to multiply through our community and lead in the way of the Gospel. Within four classes I already have tools to begin a new “why”! I hope and pray we can continue through the co-op to further my knowledge on growth!

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