It’s heartbreaking to hear the fear in a parent’s voice of not knowing how they’re going to be able to make rent and still feed their family. That fear plagues so many in our community. It’s right on our doorsteps with 1 in 7 Indiana households unable to consistently put food on their family’s table. 

I hear stories just like this every week at the Grace Care Center. Did you know that as many as 575 families walk through the door each week looking for help with their most basic needs? 

That help starts at the Choice Food Pantry. Available to everyone in the community, the Choice Food Pantry offers immediate relief by providing food and toiletries to families on a weekly basis. Friends have the opportunity to choose the food items that are appropriate for their families. From there, they’re meeting one-on-one with coaches to help build skillsets that grow a sustainable future and taking part in English classes to make daily life in Indiana just a little easier. 

When Friends walk through the doors of the Grace Care Center, they’re treated with dignity, value, and respect. When life feels overwhelming, that can be such a relief. By becoming a monthly donor, you can ensure that Care Center Friends can be served week after week. Will you join a community of people helping those who turn to the Care Center for help to feed their families right now? 

Mary became a monthly donor because she felt her donation went further in buying food items through the Grace Care Center’s partnerships. Terri gives monthly because giving is more convenient and she can plan her budget accordingly. 

Will you step in and commit to giving monthly? Even just $25 provides milk and eggs for one family for a month. 

With so many of our neighbors, friends, and family worrying about where their next meal is coming from, would you join us in becoming a monthly donor so that no one in our community goes hungry? Help put food on empty tables.