You Can Help Families from Falling Off the Hunger Cliff

Did you know that the amount of SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) benefits or food stamps a person receives is connected to how much food and resources are needed at the Grace Care Center? As government benefits for low-income families decrease, we have seen a record 600 families per week now finding help at the Grace Care Center.

The Grace Care Center has increased grocery food vouchers, or “Choice Food Pantry points,” to families in need recently because of the increased cost of food and more families asking for help. However, now that SNAP benefits are reduced, families are pinched and the Grace Care Center is prepared to increase Choice Food Pantry points again to meet this overwhelming need.  Each increase costs approximately $28,000 annually from the Choice Food Pantry’s budget.

This is where you can help! By becoming a monthly donor to the Foundation for Sustainable Care, you can allow the Grace Care Center to plan accordingly and withstand the decline in benefits that families receive. Would you please consider becoming a monthly donor today and help catch some of these families before insecurity becomes an emergency?