First Care Center Visit Leads to a Life Changed Forever


A widow’s first visit to Grace Church came through the Grace Care Center. The woman needed food but soon began returning to the choice food pantry every week because she loved to interact with friends she met and volunteers prayed with her. When her son unexpectedly passed away, the grieving woman turned to Grace for support. What followed in the next 30 days was life-changing. 

 So touched by the funeral service for her son and the love and care showered by Grace, the woman accepted an invitation to attend a worship service that very next weekend. She loved the service, and again, enjoyed the new friends she met. On the following weekend, the woman — at 77 years of age — surrendered her life to Christ. The next weekend, she walked on the stage to receive her first bible. By the end of that month, she was baptized. 

What happened next was the woman’s biggest challenge of her life — a battle with cancer that extended six months before her passing. Her failing health, however, could not stop her from attending Grace Church’s 25-year anniversary worship celebration. And before her last breath, the woman’s final wish was that the rest of her family — including two grandsons who lived with her — would be open to Christ as she was when she lost her son.