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We Need Your Help to Take Care of Hoosiers Next Year

By November 29, 2022December 1st, 2022No Comments
The prices of basic goods and services are skyrocketing, and many of our neighbors are having to choose between feeding their families or putting a roof over their heads.
Gary and Mary Ann were enjoying retirement when they were overwhelmed by a 37% increase in rent when they renewed their lease. That’s bad, for sure, but they were both enduring cancer treatment on top of it all. When their budget was stretched to the limit, they turned to the Care Center.


Inflation Hits Hard

Low-income households are more vulnerable to the effects of inflation. Care Center friends are finding that increases for housing, food, and fuel take a bigger percentage of their budget.
On average, Care Center friends need to find an additional $433.69 each month to make ends meet compared to one year ago.
There are so many people just like Gary and Mary Ann, who before would never consider using a food pantry or asking for assistance, but are now reaching out to the Care Center for help.
Your donation to the Foundation for Sustainable Care goes right to work through the work of the Care Center. 
The Care Center fills the gap for families who are especially pinched right now by ensuring neighbors in need have choices of quality, healthy food and are welcomed and met with dignity. Your support means that the Care Center can continue to welcome thousands of people each year who need food and connections to resources.
Life continues to be difficult for far too many in our Central Indiana community. Give today to support the work of the Care Center.



Make a donation and your gift will be DOUBLED!

Wrap up your year-end with a donation to the Foundation for Sustainable Care today and all gifts up to $170,000 will be matched, thanks to a challenge issued by a group of donors who believe in the works of the Grace Care Center!