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More Hope

We asked the Grace Care Center’s Hannah Miller what does “More Hope” look like for you? This is what she told us.


Her steps are hesitant as she enters the crowded room. “Uh, this is my first time and I’m not sure where to go,” she says, her voice tight with uncertainty and embarrassment.

“No worries! I’m happy to help,“ the volunteer replies with a smile. She directs the woman to the Information Desk, where another volunteer invites her to take a seat across the table. This is the first stop for newcomers, where they give basic contact and family information needed to sign them up to use the Choice Pantry.

“Hi, welcome! We’re so glad you’re here. My name is Scott, what’s yours?”

Over the next several minutes, as they converse, I see the woman’s shoulders relax. Her self-conscious expression softens as the volunteer asks her about her kids, and about how she’s really doing. She shares a little about her current situation and about her family’s immediate needs.

The volunteer is fully engaged, seemingly oblivious to the dozens of people and conversations around them. He responds to her feelings of helplessness and pain with empathy and encouragement. He explains some of the ways the Care Center can help, giving her the comfort of concrete next steps and assurance that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

The Information Desk is the first stop for new Care Center friends, but it isn’t just about registration and paperwork. It’s where worry meets compassion, and shame meets acceptance…Where desperation meets the first glimmer of hope.


Where do you see more hope?