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2022 $170,000 Donation Match!

By November 16, 2022No Comments

This year’s rise in rent, food, and utilities leaves low-income Hoosiers more vulnerable to factors outside of their control. They need support, and I know how you can help.

The Sustainable Care Model at the Grace Care Center relies on the Foundation for Sustainable Care to ensure that we can help the most amount of people. We’ve all felt the rise in the cost of food, but we especially see that at the Choice Food Pantry. We are now tasked with helping more people than ever before when food costs more than it ever has.

I need your help not only to keep the shelves stocked but also to show people they have hope and dignity. I am so excited to tell you that this year we can offer a dollar-for-dollar matching donation up to $170,000 through the end of the year. That means that every dollar you give is doubled up to $170,000 through December 31st.

Would you join us in this wonderful opportunity to multiply your donation and care for your neighbors?

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