Why Sustainable Care?

Caring for someone in need is more than giving resources, it’s putting them on a path toward dignity and self-reliance.

250,000 People in Central Indiana are

Below the Poverty Line

All too often, poverty alleviation efforts are episodic or focused on quick fixes. Sustainable care builds trusting relationships for the long haul and commits to leveraging that trust to address root issues through loving community and wrap-around services.
Immediate relief is often a necessary step in the process but a long-term view addresses the internal or external factors that are keeping a family in poverty. This approach leads to freedom and growth for a family, and ultimately newfound sustainability in their life. All of this depends on a committed group of volunteers who are open to their own transformation while they serve.
Sustainable care works best when clients, volunteers, and donors are all learning from each other. The Grace Care Center is one excellent example of a sustainable care community.


Issued in No-Interest Loans

Since March 2017, the Grace Care Center has issued 278 no-interest micro-finance loans totaling $141,300. The Foundation for Sustainable Care seeks to support community efforts addressing situational poverty before it becomes generational poverty. Situational poverty occurs when a family experiences a crisis, such as a job loss, medical condition, divorce, or addiction that leads to their life being unsustainable. Sadly, many families living in our community have very little margin to weather a crisis.


Refugee Families

60% of the families served in the Grace Care Center are refugees coming from 20+ different countries throughout Latin America, Africa, SE Asia, and Eastern Europe. Often when people come to the United States, they are seeking a better life compared to the situation in their home countries. Refugee families have a long uphill climb to a sustainable life. Many immigrants were professionals in their home countries but must start on some of the lowest rungs in our job market.


Families Fed

Since the beginning of the pandemic, more than 50,000 families have been served through the Grace Care Center. Statistics show a persistently high percentage of families experiencing food insecurity in our local communities, even in the richest counties. Food deserts are local communities that have limited access to healthy food options at a reasonable price. When families are given access to healthy, high-quality food, and given dignity in making the choices of what they need and want, this opens the door to addressing other issues in their life.

How the Foundation Answers the Call

At the Foundation for Sustainable Care, we believe in forward-thinking community centers who are people-first, grace-filled, wholistically-focused and sustainable. We believe that the those serving and those being served can learn from each other and have their lives transformed in the process. The first community center we are focused on supporting is the Grace Care Center, located in Noblesville, IN. This community center uniquely embodies the values we are striving to replicate. The Grace Care Center has wide community support. It is located in a church that believes in volunteerism and expressing the love of Christ practically to its community. The Grace Care Center focuses on building relationships so that trust, dignity and hope are restored and transformation can occur.

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